Useful Tips While Shopping and on a Flight!

Casey was getting ready for her favourite activity, shopping. The last time she had been for shopping was for the Christmas. Now, she needed some trendy clothes for upcoming parties and events. Cursing her busy schedule, she opened her closet to dress up.

She had chosen –

  • A Button-down navy blue, denim shirt
  • A denim jeans
  • A set of beaded bangles in her right hand
  • A pair of hanging earrings
  • A shoulder bag, big enough to carry all the shopping items
  • A pair of new ballerinas that she had not used since last six months.

Tips While Shopping on a Flight

The day went easy breezy till she and her friends had a quick brunch at the mall. When the shopping trials began, Casey realized that there was some kind of problem in her clothes.

  • She had to remove all the buttons of her shirt every time she had to try tops and blouses.
  • The beaded bangles and earrings stuck at places while trying outfits.
  • The shoulder bag seemed to be an added baggage.
  • And the new ballerinas were hurting her feet, and in some time, she had blisters on the back part of her feet.

Well, there is no specific set of dressing rules when you go for a shopping. However, a woman can at least apply useful tips while shopping on a flight and make a great day! Shopping is an illuminating experience for a woman. Then, why to spoil it wearing the wrong kind of outfit?

Tips While Shopping On A Flight

Here are few tips and tricks that can create a better shopping experience for you. These tips cover not only what to wear but also about what and how to shop.

Follow These –

  • Always wear easy-to-wear clothes while shopping. In the above example, Casey could have worn a blouse that has an opening at the front or back. You don’t have to play with the buttons each time you try a different top or a blouse.
  • Always wear delicate earrings and accessories. Do not wear heavy or long earrings that can get stuck at places while trying. Wear a simple bracelet and studs. It will make your outfit complete.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes while shopping. Remember you have to walk a lot to check stores and try out clothes.
  • Check the colour of outfits that you buy in the trial room and also outside the room. Try each and every outfit. This is because some outfit colours look different when they are displayed on the shelves. When we try these, the colour doesn’t appear the same as before.
  • Go for a variety of clothes. If you have never tried palazzos, go for a try. At least, you will get an idea which clothes you can buy next time.
  • Prepare a shopping list before you go for shopping. Do not end shopping outfits and accessories that you don’t need at all. If you are shopping for an occasion, stick to the purpose.
  • Though we like the company, it is better to go alone for shopping. You should know what suits your body and skin. If you are accompanied by a friend, then be true to yourself and do not get carried away by your friend’s suggestions. The same applies to the saleswomen at the stores and malls. If you don’t like it, do not ask for an opinion.

Avoid These –

  • Do not wear new shoes while going for shopping.
  • While shopping, do not buy the same colour or same patterned clothes. You do not want to end up your wardrobe with uniform styled clothes. You should buy clothes of different colours so that you can mix and match them.
  • Do not wear heavy makeup so that it falls on your outfits.
  • Do not carry big shoulder or handbags that will obstruct you from handling outfits. Carry a simple sling bag that comprises credit card or debit cards, cash and keys. If you are shopping at the mall, you can buy for separate shopping bags at the counter. If you are street shopping, then you may carry a big shopping bag so that it accommodates all the items you purchased.
  • Do not buy clothes and accessories that are beyond your estimated budget. Always set aside a budget beforehand.
  • If you are carrying heavy baggage, then do not make a shopping plan. For instance, if you have an aerobics class, you are carrying your gym bag, then don’t join immediately your friends for shopping. Take your time to place the bag at your home and then, join your friends for the day.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as you need to browse a lot of stores.

Tips For A Great Flight Plan

In order to experience a great flight, you can follow certain tips to be stylish as well as comfortable. The idea is to be elegant as well as simple during a flight. We are ready to help you with it.

Follow These –

  • You should always wear comfortable clothes, accessories and shoes on the plane. If it is a long flight, then you need to be extra-cautious about it. You want to look great as well comfortable. Keep this in mind.
  • It gets cold on flights. Moreover, the place where you land might also be colder than your departure place. Hence, always carry a casual jacket, or a shrug, or a shawl to protect yourself from the sudden change of weather.
  • If you are wearing socks, make sure those are clean and not sweaty.
  • Carry a small bag with you comprising of all the essentials. The essential items include a lip balm, moisturizer, face wash, make-up kit, facial wipes and spare clothes, if necessary.
  • Keep applying lip balm or moisturizer at regular intervals. During flights, your skin is likely to get dehydrated.
  • Similarly, keep drinking water at regular intervals.
  • During a long flight, it is likely that you feel uneasy after some time. Hence, you can walk through the passageway or stretch yourself a bit. Do not be seated for a long time as it will make you lethargic.

Avoid These –

  • Do not wear uncomfortable or tight clothes or shoes. Remember that you will have to walk a lot at the airports. Hence, you wear something that is easy and convenient.
  • Do not wear heavy make-up. Instead, apply moisturizer.
  • Do not have heavy meals or drinks during the flight. Eat something light.
  • Do not treat flight time as a waste of time. You can indulge in any activity like listening favourite music, reading a magazine or book, or just relaxing. You can treat it as relaxation time.

Thus, these tips will definitely help you to have a great shopping experience or a flight experience. Let us incorporate these tips beforehand.

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