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This privacy statement describes how the personal information collected, used and protected via our website. The terms ‘we’,‘us’ and ‘website’, ‘our site’ or ‘site’ refer to

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We reserve the right to update or modify this privacy statement from time to time depending upon the requirement. The latest version of this statement will be considered as to be in force and will be applicable to your use of this site. In case the policy is revised we will promptly notify you via email or posting a vivid notice on the website itself. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at as and when required. It is advised that you should review it frequently. Your continued and frequent use of our website will be considered as your agreement with our privacy policy.

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This site and its components are offered for informational purposes only; this site shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

Intellectual Property Rights

We, at curate the content from several authentic resources and publish in our website. We duly provide a backlink and credit to the original author/ publisher of the content.

The content published on is obtained via several resources including partner websites, affiliate partners, stock images providers, individual authors, publishers and amateur enthusiasts. The views expressed in the content solely belong to the respective author/ contributor and we hold no responsibility for the same.

We may encourage our readers to create and upload their content on our website by means of Blog, Forum, chat, comments, reviews, photographs and videos. However you will be solely responsible for the authenticity of ownership and originality of the content provided by you in any form. We do not hold any liability and/ or responsibility for damages occurred due to use of the wrongly uploaded information by the users. However, we take quick and strict action against such users by banning their profiles and removing their content from our site.

Content Duplicity And Plagiarism

The content posted on is curated from the sources and a due credit is provided wherever necessary to the source website or original author/ publisher.

In case of the DIY articles and informative articles published by us, we make sure that they are completely original and unique. Majority of such content is provided by our networks and pool of authors and contributors. We have very stringent guidelines and policies to ensure that only authentic content is posted on the site. We make every possible effort to keep the content unique and original. However if you observe any duplicate content on our website and/ or find any copyrights infringements please reach us at

Advertisements On AllTimeFashion.Com

We display the advertisements in the form of affiliate banners, affiliate products, text links, videos and articles, product reviews, etc. It is possible that we may receive commission as a result of any sale that happens when a user clicks on these banners and links. However this doesn’t mean that we endorse certain brand or product and/ or we are responsible for the positive or negative outcomes occur due to use of these products or services. We take our reputation and credibility very seriously and we will never publish an advert of any product or service or article that belongs to categories like gambling, adult, drugs, explicit content, etc.

Data And Privacy

We do not store your information like your credit card numbers, bank accounts and purchase history. We never disclose your name or contact details to any third party. Our advertising partners may use third party cookies to track your user behaviour (how you use or navigate our site) so as to deliver a best user experience to you. However that doesn’t track your personal identity or contact details.

The data that you provide while subscribing to our newsletter is not shared with any third party nor do we sell it for marketing purpose. We respect your privacy and never send any spam message to you. Your details that you provided us are always kept safe with us.

Images Copyrights

All the images posted on are obtained from legitimate sources and due credits are given wherever required. If you still find any image is violating the copyrights please contact us immediately at

Video And Motion Graphics

We produce and share our own videos. We also post the videos shared by our users copyrights of which lie with the respective producers. If you have any queries about the motion graphics and videos produced by us or hosted by our site, then please reach us at

Queries And Dispute Resolution

In case of any concerns/ feedback/ dispute you can reach us at