Tips For Appearing For A Job Interview!

A job interview is a challenging phase of your life. It is a kick-start to your career and you need to be pretty serious about it. When you receive an interview call, you feel butterflies in your stomach the next moment.

  • What will happen?
  • How will I perform?
  • Will I be nervous and will they notice it?
  • Will they like me and hire me for the job?
  • How do I serve the best impression?

We perfectly understand your fears and conceptions about a job interview. Hence, in this useful article, we will guide you through the essential job interview tips. What to wear? How to speak? What things do you need to take care of? You can find all these tips in this article. So, continue reading!

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Job Search

  • Digging jobs of your interest and as per your capabilities is an irritating task. You may across irrelevant jobs too and you just have to strike it off from your way. Nowadays, the job portals have been enhanced with this respect.
  • Register your profile on reputed job portals and websites.
  • Your profile should be complete and contain true and correct information.
  • You should make your profile interesting. It doesn’t mean that you can narrate fake stories. You should highlight your strengths and capabilities in the profile. Why would the recruiter shortlist your profile for the interview? Understand this aspect and build your profile.
  • One can even hire resume building agency for this purpose. These people are the experts in creating your resume in the most appealing manner for the recruiters. You may have to pay for it but you can get a strong portfolio.
  • Mention your contact details accurately.
  • Keep checking emails regularly. Some recruiters mail you the job description and ask you to call back, in case you are interested. Hence, you need to keep a track of the jobs you have received and you have applied for.

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An Interview Call

  • When you receive an interview call, don’t get overwhelmed. Talk to the recruiter or the concerned person confidently and clearly.
  • Ask the recruiter about the job profile and get your doubts cleared. Remember that you cannot get a job by adopting trial and error method. The job description should suit your job profile. You should not be applying and appear for job interviews that are not relevant to your job profile.
  • Ask the concerned person about the location of the office, the compensation offered, and the responsibilities involved. In case it does not match it with your specifications, you can straightaway say it so. For instance, if the office is located 120 kilometres away from your residence and you will have to travel 3-4 hours a day, then you have to intimate accordingly. The job should also pay you as per your expectations. Another example is of a job that requires a person to work in night shifts or late evenings. If you are informed about it and you are comfortable, then you can go ahead with the next step.
  • Fix a convenient interview timing. Do not forget to ask for a mail confirmation from the concerned person. It is better to have a written record of the interview details, including address.

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The Preparation Phase

As your interview is fixed, you need to compose your mind and intellect for the same. Also, you need to arrange for important things such as your CV, attire, etc. The following tips will guide you about this aspect.

  • As soon as you receive the interview details, research the company well. Go to the official website of the company understand its business. Read the job description carefully and visualize what kind of questions they can ask you. For instance, if they need someone who is proficient in HTML and other web languages, then they will ask you certain questions relating to it.
  • Be ready for personal questions too. For instance, identify your strengths, weaknesses, long-term and short-term goals, your future vision after 5 years, why did you take up a certain profession, why not a different profession, your hobbies and passions, your abilities, etc. You will also be asked to describe yourself and you can do it in a little unique way.
  • Some companies also conduct a written test comprising of logical, mathematics and technical questions. Revise your basics and be confident in answering it. You never know what will be asked in an interview. Hence, 90% of your competency depends on your wit and confidence level.
  • If your partner or your sibling is ready to co-operate, you can also conduct a mock interview session at home. It will erase out your fear and inhibitions.
  • Get your CV printed. You can carry one or two copies, if necessary.
  • Keep your folder of certificates, interview address and a pen ready. Always pick up a formal handbag to carry all your essentials. You can carry the folder in your hand.
  • Decide beforehand what you are going to wear. Choose a subtle and formal attire. For instance, a formal light pink-coloured shirt, a black trouser and a printed scarf. If you need a blazer, you can add to it.
  • Choose accessories and shoes that are classy and not distracting the interviewer.
  • Wear makeup that looks natural. Don’t apply too much of blush or contouring. You can keep it simple.
  • Choose a hairstyle that does not distract you and the listener. You should not keep constantly pushing your hair back or tying it up during the interview.
  • Your nails should be clean and well-trimmed. The nail paint should not be chipped or flashy.
  • Always use a little perfume or deodorant to avoid the body odour.
  • Do not appear for the interview after a tiring day or a shopping trip to the mall. Carrying shopping bags or plastic bags to the interview does not appear to be professional.

Before the Interview

Useful Tips on How to Appear in an Interview

  • Always reach on time for the interview. If you are not finding the place, call the concerned person and inform them about your delay. Leave your home early. It is better to be early than to be late for the interview.
  • Eat something light before the interview. Don’t fast till your interview is completed as you will be hungry and patient till you eat. You may eat almonds or a fruit.
  • Chew mint or use a mouth spray well before the interview so that your breath does not smell.
  • It happens that the interviewers are busy in a meeting or some other important work, and you are told to wait for some time. The waiting time may even extend to one hour or so. During that period, you should not look impatient or nervous.
  • During the waiting time, do not tap your foot, or check your watch continuously, or keep looking here and there. You can carry a newspaper for reading till your turn comes. It looks professional. Do not check your messages on mobiles or talk loudly with your friend on the mobile. It sounds very rude.
  • If you meet other interviewees, smile to them but do not get involved too much in each other’s lives. You can have a casual talk regarding your job profiles.

During the Interview

  • Ask the interviewer before you enter the room. When the interviewer tells you to sit, say ‘Thank you’ politely.
  • Do not be scared or nervous when you hand over your CV or answer the questions. Be confident.
  • Sit straight. Do not slouch or keep rocking on the chair. A good posture cannot be achieved overnight. You need to practice it on a consistent basis.
  • Compose your mind, take a deep breath and answer the questions of the interviewer.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, then say that you are not aware of it. Never bluff in front of the interviewer.
  • If the interviewer asks your opinions, never comment negatively on anyone. You need to give an unbiased opinion about that aspect. Expressing agitation or criticism will have a negative impact.
  • Do not chew a gum or a mint in the interview room.
  • You should never call an interviewer by the first name.
  • Do not use slangs during an interview. Also, do not use casual words such as ‘It was amazing, awesome.’ Use a rich vocabulary instead such as ‘It was phenomenal.’
  • Before leaving the room, thank the interviewer but do not ask whether you will be selected for the job or not.

After The Interview

  • Be calm and patient after an interview. In a day or two, you may call the concerned person about the results, if you do not receive a call from them.
  • If they have rejected you, do not argue or ask the reasons. Do not consider yourself as incompetent or incapable of doing something. Every company has their own set of requirements and you might not have fitted into it.
  • Always remember that a new day comes with a bundle of opportunities. So, be confident and harness those avenues. You will land on the perfect job one day.
  • If you are selected, then congratulations! You can move to the next step of preparing for the first day of the job.

Thus, preparing for a job interview involves consistency on the part of that person. You have to put in dedicated efforts to get the best of yourself and present in an interview room.

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