Simple Hacks To Take Care Of Leather Shoes In Monsoon!

As truly said, your shoes define your personality and it reflects your self-confidence. We can also say that shoes speak louder than the words. They define a human being and their way of living and personality. That is why we have different shoes for different occasion and all of these should be properly maintained and should be taken care of this beautiful creation.

How To Take Care Of Leather Shoes In Rainy Season?

Monsoon can act as a hindrance when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your shoes. During monsoon season your shoes are exposed to all types of water, mud, dirt and different things. Therefore maintenance during the rainy season can be a painful act.  When it comes to leather shoes, it can be more painful as no matter how much care you take to maintain your leather shoes but monsoon will leave an impact on it.

According to experts, monsoon or rainwater can ruin your leather shoes or any shoes but when taken care, proper maintenance and dry storage can add the life to the shoes. Below are some of the measures if taken properly, can help in maintaining your leather shoes.

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How To Take Care Of Leather Shoes In Rainy Season?

1. Avoid, Avoid And Avoid

Yes, you heard it right? With the wide range of options that you have in footwear these days, why expose your leather shoes to the rainwater.

During the monsoon season, it is advisable not to use leather shoes much often. This is because once it gets wet, it takes days to dry and emits a foul smell. Also, leather shoes get spoiled in rainwater.

The leather is prone to damage if exposed to rainwater as it is designed to be dry. However, if it is extremely required to wear them in monsoon, ensure that it is dry and travel on a bus or car to prevent any contact with moisture.

2. Keep It Dry

Shoes when we are not easy to wear and also not good for the shoes themselves. Therefore if your leather shoes are wet while you are travelling, the first things should be to remove it and dry it at the room temperature.

Leather Shoes Care in Monsoon

Also, remember that wet leather shoes are super breeding place for bacteria and fungi and keeping your shoes on when we can lead to numerous infection in your feet.

Therefore, this monsoon, protect your shoes and yourselves from any damage and infection respectively.

3. Wipe Dirt And Oils

It is important to keep your leather shoes clean all the time. In monsoon, there are chances that along with the rainwater dirt and oils may also stick to your shoes.

Therefore, ensure that after removing the shoes remove the dirt and excess oils with a clean cloth. Use a damp rag or gently wipe the dirt.

If you find the mud does not go off then allow it to dry completely. It will then easily fall off and you can wipe the remaining dirt with a tissue paper. This will help to your shoes clean and free from stain.

You can also follow the below method if your shoe has become oily and greasy in monsoon.


  • Spray some talcum powder on the surface of the shoe wherever you see the greasiness.
  • Cover it with a thick coat of talcum powder and leave it overnight.
  • Next morning, wipe the surface using a clean cloth.
  • You will see that the powder would have absorbed the oil and your shoes will become free of oil.
  • You can also use a hand vacuum cleaner to remove the powder from the shoes.

4. Leather Conditioner

During monsoon, our leather shoes are more prone to wear and tear. Also, it looks crumbled and folded at places. This gives a very ugly look to our expensive shoes.

Leather conditioner can be very useful for the shoes. These conditioners absorb the excess water present in the shoes and keep them dry. Also, it is very gentle on the leather and repairs the damaged portions. It gives the sheen to the leather shoes and increases their durability.

Apply the conditioner on the shoes and take special care of the wet part. Wipe it using a clean cloth and allow the shoes to dry. Leather conditioners are easily available in all sewing and fabric shop including the shoe shops.

5. Dry It Naturally

This is a very important point as far as drying of shoes is concerned. After removing the shoes, put it to dry under room temperature. It should get dry naturally.

Never use any dryer or heat to dry your shoes to quickly dry the same as it may permanently damage your leather shoes. Let the shoes to dry in the natural heat of the sun or in room temperature if it is wet outside.

Undoubtedly, leather takes a longer duration to dry and it is ideal if the weather is sunny. However, if it is humid then it may take almost a week to dry.

6. No Harsh Chemicals

While cleaning the leather shoes, it is very effective to use natural products and avoid using any harmful or harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals spoil the texture of the shoes and it looks dull and lifeless.

If you want to remove any dirt sticking to your shoes, use an eraser. Astonished hearing this!! Eraser works excellently to remove the dirt sticking on the shoes.


  • Gently rub an eraser over the dirty surface for few minutes and then wipe off.
  • Do not press very hard just give it mild touches and you will get clean shoes free of any dirt.

After cleaning the shoes, it is important to get its sheen back because cleaning often results in loss of shine.


  • Take few drops of olive oil in a cotton ball.
  • Apply the oil all over your shoes and spread it completely.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Next morning, polish your shoes using a shoe polish.
  • You will get clean and lustrous shoes.

Olive oil is excellent for leather and it gets absorbed by leather easily. It does not leave behind any excess oil or greasiness on your shoes. They act like conditioners for the shoes.

However, remember that too much of oil can leave behind oil marks and greasiness. Therefore, use only 4-5 drops of olive oil on the leather shoe pair to retain its natural shine.

7. Storage Is Important

Yes, it is very important to store your leather shoes properly in monsoon. There are chances that wooden shoe cupboards absorb moisture from the atmosphere and this may leave behind your leather shoes damp.


  • First and foremost, if you are not using your leather shoes in monsoon, store them in heavy rug bags and stuff them completely with several layers of newspaper.
  • The newspaper helps to absorb moisture in it and they do not allow the moisture to reach the shoes.
  • If you have a wooden cupboard ensure that you place silica gels in your cupboard or even sodium bicarbonate. Both of these absorb moisture and the shoe racks will be free of it.

These simple hacks will leave behind clean and dry shoes even if it is pouring outside.

8. Prevent Mold Dominance

Molds can be extremely dangerous and damaging for your feet and shoes respectively. The moment you see fungi developing on your shoes, do not wear them.

Simultaneously, do not throw them thinking that they have been damaged and you cannot wear them anymore. It is definitely very difficult to get rid of molds building on your shoe but it is not impossible.

You can do the following to get rid of molds:


  • Take a toothbrush and gently scrub the surface and inside of the shoe wherever you see the mold dominance.
  • You need to have a lot of patience to scrub it as it will not go off easily.
  • Repeat the scrubbing process several times till you see that are completely gone off.
  • Ensure to check in the corners and crevices of the shoes and check for next 2-3 days as well. There are chances that if any focus is left behind it will again grow.
  • Dry the shoes at room temperature till it is completely dry.

This is a good way of getting rid of molds and you can retain your leather shoes rather than throwing them away. You can then polish it and wear them as usual.

9. Buy The Right Shoes

When buying leather shoes it is advised to make sure that the shoe is waterproof so that it can be prevented by monsoon and water.

Waterproof shoes repel water and they do not absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This keeps the shoes dry and clean all throughout the monsoon.

Also, you can happily wear your favorite leather shoes in monsoon. However, to be on a safer side rather than opting for waterproof leather shoes, it is better to buy floaters and rainy season shoes which will protect your feet and also repel water.


Monsoon is a reason for smiles and rains. You can enjoy the monsoon by following very simple tips for the shoes. A splash here and there does not hurt but damaging the shoes permanently is something we should try to prevent in monsoon.

These simple hacks will be useful to take care of the shoes in the rainy season. Shoes are the source of several infections in the body and must be given the due importance.

Hope you have found this article useful. In case of any suggestion or feedback, please share the same in the comments section below.

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