Tips for Looking Fashionable in Your Budget

Some common misconceptions regarding fashion

1. You need to spend a good amount from your pocket to follow a fashion trend.

This is not true. Fashion designing is an art of good looking which is easy to tailor according to the requirements and spending capability of the individual. You don’t need to spend a large amount on different boutiques for getting that stunning looks. It can also be worked out in a limited budget.

2. The fashion industry is among the industries that are followed blindly.

There is two kinds of people in the world. One who follows the current trend blindly and the other who have their own style which is a modification of what is in trend. Hence, not everyone follows the fashion industry dimly. There are many people who study the trends, inspire from it, and design new styles in an independent way.

3. Following any fashion trend is a waste of money.

Fashion is a unique way of expressing yourself. By following different fashion trends, people feel comfortable in what they wear, love themselves, and decorate their bodies which is at times difficult for many. Hence, it is not completely a waste of money.

4. One should follow a fashion trend that allows selecting in style and colors which help in flaunting the figure.

Definitely not. Every shape or figure comes with its own beauty. Style or trends are adopted to boost the confidence levels and pride for the look. The choice is endless with different colors, wrap dresses, peplums, and much more. So, follow a trend to increase your confidence levels and not for flaunting your figure.

5. Fashion is only for the thin chic out there.

False. Fashion comes in different shapes and sizes. The fashion designers use different fabrics, accessories, and collections which give the best to the average body sizes as well as the plus sizes too. No doubt, the models shown are always thin on the ramp, fashion still has no reliance on your physique and should be adopted by everyone.

Fashion – A Unique Way to Work on Your Personality

Fashion is something every one of us is connected within one or the other way. Of course, who doesn’t want to look fabulous and invigorating! Fashion trends help in getting a revitalized look at regular intervals. Again, you can observe different trends according to the festivals, seasons, colors, fabrics, and much more. Open a magazine and you shall come up with something new ruling the fashion world. But can everyone afford to spend a good amount from their pocket after what is in drift? Definitely not!

Fashion can be really expensive, particularly if you are following every possible trend in the market. Things might get more complicated if you are looking for the same material, designs, accessories, etc. And hence, for the people madly the following fashion, it can surely be disastrous to your bank account. But does that mean that fashion is meant only for the rich? Truly speaking, no. Fashion is for everyone regardless of size, shape, age, and even monetary status.

So, is it possible to remain in fashion with a limited budget? Yes, it is now possible to gift yourself a stunning look in an affordable way and today, we shall explore some of the effective ways that would surely help you out.

How to Look Fashionable in a budgeted way

Many of us spend a good time and money shopping for different clothes, while others do not. But here are the different tricks to get a fashionable wardrobe without spending much on them.

1. Go for the tacks initially

The first thing to step up with while recreating your wardrobe is by starting with different outfits that are simple and can be combined with different clothes in your wardrobe. Check on the clothes that come with simple patterns, neutral colors, etc. which can be easily paired with other clothes. The list of tacks or staples includes plain tops, t-shirts, jeans, pants, blazers, etc. that are neutral in color with a simple neckline. Along with the clothes, you can also work out on common-looking flat ballet shoes that would pair up with outfit with ease. Coming to the colors, look for neutral tones like black, white, and beige.

2. Look for swap and sell options

If you are someone who likes to remain with the latest design and keep the old designs aside, first think of the old designs. Rather than giving out the old designs and unwanted clothes, keeping them in one corner of your house, or throwing them, look for other options like reselling or swapping it with your friends.

Check if your friend is interested in one of your lovable designs while you freshen up your wardrobe. You can also swap your clothes with your friend’s clothes while restoring your wardrobe. Selling the old designs would add to your budget of getting new designs too.

3. Design your clothes yourself

Are you talented enough to give out the best color combination, neck designs, and other essentials that make the best outfit? If yes, it is the right time to work on the threads, needles, and fabrics and gift yourself a new outfit. With the money you are saving, you can actually look for styling your outfits in an affordable way which would also be satisfactory for yourself.

Again, this gives you an opportunity to work on the material that is suitable for you and design different styles by going through some style magazines. So, design your clothes yourself for a budgeted fashionable appearance.

4. Don’t miss out the seasonal sale and offers

One of the best and highly opted options for getting the latest designs in your wardrobe is by peeping up in every seasonal sale and offers. Discounts, seasonal sales, offers, etc. is something that would appear every now and then at regular intervals.

Be it the change of season, beginning of the college year, or even the festive time, the retailers and even the malls come up with a sale and offers that are the best to pick up the latest trends in a budgeted way. If you are a college girl then such offers can really help you out to grab the cheapest fashion along with needed accessories and look gorgeous during your college time.

Again, the malls and retailers also help with additional discounts with different payment options which can prove to be a bonus for the shoppers with a limited budget.

5. Don’t get into any trend

Not every trend or design is fashionable. One of the common mistakes the budgeted people make while shopping is strictly following the trends. Rather than that, make your own trend and pick up the clothes and accessories accordingly. At times, there are particular trends that are not modish but are followed only because a celebrity carried it.

So, listen to your brain and heart and look for the clothes that are trendy according to you. This would help you with the best designs that are suitable for your pocket, and give you a satisfactory feel too. Again, if you are lucky, there might be others who would follow your choice of design too.

6. Look for online shopping offers

Yes, online stores are the best for affordable shopping as they provide offers and discounts around the year. Again, online stores come with a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, etc. Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, and many more help you with various designs to select from according to your budget.

Similarly, you can also sell your garments online through the same online shopping sites which helps you save a good amount for your next purchase. Again, online sites also help with additional payment discounts that would be helpful in saving while shopping.

7. Don’t shop in a rush

One of the reasons why people pay more for shopping is rush. While choosing the right outfit which is chic as well as in your budget, it is important not to make quick moves. Take your time and check on all the outfits that are trending according to you. Use the trial rooms and check the fitting and whether it is suitable for you or not.

Take time to work on factors like the pattern, dress cutting, colors, textures, etc. Look for different colors that would match the occasion or place along with the material for getting the right piece in your shopping cart. So, take your time while choosing the outfit to get the best one for your pocket.

8. Ask yourself, what do you need actually?

This might have happened to you many times. You might have gone for a particular dress but end up purchasing some tees or pants. Right! For this, you need to focus on what you actually are looking for. If required, check on what your wardrobe actually has and what you need to purchase. Concentrate only on the thing you are in the mall for shopping.

If you are asking yourself this question – ‘How to Look Fashionable?‘, then you must spare time and focus on the collection you would pick one from. Similarly, if you have gone to return any particular piece, return and come back. Don’t get any other piece along which is of no use. This would help in spending on the right requirement and save you a good amount.

9. How to Look Fashionable by making something from your old clothes

How to Look Fashionable in Budget by Using Old Clothes?

Surprisingly, redesigning your old clothes is also another way of styling in a budgeted way. Get your old denim pants and give it a funky look by making razor cuts for making it a designer piece. Similarly, you can also look for old dresses and a good tailor who would help in redesigning the dress by making minor changes in it.

Similarly, adding different accessories to old clothes like belts, jewelry, scarf, etc. is also helpful in giving the dresses a new look. Change the neck designs or sleeve designs, add a shrug to the dress, etc. is also an exclusive way of getting into the trend by spending in limits.

Apart from all these, you can also save a good amount by avoiding unnecessary purchases which you are never going to put on. Bargaining is also much helpful for having your favorite design in your wardrobe.

Henceforth, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of your savings for staying fashionable. There are various ways of getting into a chic look without paying much for the outfit. Be creative with your wardrobe, look for sales, let your friends peep in your wardrobe, monitor local retailers, and other thrift stores and you are surely going to live a life similar to a fashionista by remaining in your pocket limits.

Remember, financial freedom is what you are looking for having the right outfit in your wardrobe. Think of what you are investing in is taking you towards your goal or not. So, are you ready to become a fashionista without eating up your budget? Share your experiences with us below.

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