How to Dress Like a Pro? Tips to Look Professional in Office!

Do you get worried in the morning hours while getting ready to go to office because you are now sure what to wear for office today? Its frustrating, really, being unsure to decide about the selection of dresses for the official place. You might be having many colorful dresses in your closet but its important to look professional in office. Not only this but be it a party, an official gathering or even a business meeting for that matter, people are often in a dilemma as to what to wear.

You might be tight on budget or have limited number of clothes in your wardrobe. So in order to help you we have brought this handy guide. Here we are sharing few ideas on how to dress up for office so that you look good the whole day – every day!

Tips to Look Professional in Office

Tips to Look Professional in Office

1. Do Not Go Overboard

Make sure that your dressing style suits the environment. Some places follow a particular dress code. This makes it easier to narrow down on your choices. In other cases, you will have to make a sound judgment based on the ambiance and other factors. You may also consider the style your colleagues follow.

Usually, the style followed by lawyers, government officials and other such professional is formal business attire. However, a lot of offices follow formal dress code all days of the week except for Fridays.

On certain special occasions, the “Black tie” code is chosen. This is seen mainly during award ceremonies or galas. You may go for this look involving a tuxedo for men and an evening gown for women if you are attending a formal banquet or any such events. Do not be overdressed and always ensure to suit the situation or occasion.

2. Go With the Season

Come up with your own seasonal style and become the icon at your workplace. In some regions, this type of dressing style is not followed. However, it is accepted in numerous other places.

Go for your linen, seersucker or madras cloth made attire during summer. Save wool clothing for fall and winter.

Earlier it used to be commonly believed that white should be worn in summer and not during winter. However, this does not hold true anymore. You can get dressed in white even in winter.

Seasonal changes do not have to necessary stop you from wearing your favorite outfit. For instance, you may wear your skirts even during winter along with warm leggings.

Make sure that you are not wearing clothes that are too revealing. Stick to what is acceptable in your work environment.

You may be wearing a blazer underneath which you have a sleeveless shirt. In such scenarios, even if you wish to take off your blazer, you may do it only if your workplace accepts sleeveless clothing.

3. Be Wise While Picking Your Color

Neutral Color Attire Looks Professional

Stick to neutral colors when it comes to dressing professionally. Mostly formal business suits are black, grey, brown or navy blue. This applies to both men and women. The shirts used are usually lighter like white, off-white or light shades of other colors.

Though these may come across as dull colors it gives you a wide range of combinations. You can interchange as the color palette will mostly be based on black, white or brown. Your blazers, shirts and accessories, all go with each other making it easier to mix and match.

While picking out your accessories like ties, shoes or scarves, you may use slight hints of vibrant colors. However, it will be safer to stick to subtle colors.

You can also choose to wear a multi-colored shirt, like a striped Oxford-style shirt which will never go out of style.

4. Grooming is Very Important

Proper Grooming and Hygiene are Important to look Professional

Proper grooming and hygiene are extremely important factors when it comes to dressing up for a professional environment.  Even an unattractive or shabby haircut could make you come across as unprofessional.

Keep your body clean. Make sure that you take a shower and use deodorant before you step out of your house.

Pay attention to your hair. Keep it neat and well groomed. For men, facial hair should be trimmed and kept clean. For women, while wearing short skirts, it is a must to shave their legs.

Oral hygiene is another significant area. Especially if you smoke or eat food causing bad breath, make sure to get rid of the smell before you walk into your workspace.

While applying make-up, women need to make sure that they stick to the culture of the workplace and do not over-do it.

How to Choose Your Outfit?

Men can pick a formal suit, dress shirt, leather shoes and a tie. This classy look will make you look extremely professional. Dressy slacks and sports coats can also be worn.

A business suit with a skirt, a blazer, a blouse and dress shoes will look great on women. Formal dresses may also be used in place of a suit.

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1. Choose Your Suit Carefully

Make sure that the suits you wear are all tailored for fit. Skirt suits women pick must be knee length. They should not be too tight.

2. Your Tops

Use shirts that are tailored for fit. If you are going for a more formal look you can wear long sleeves.  Short sleeves will suit spring and summer better. There are certain organisations that accept only long sleeves.   If you are doubtful whether your workplace allows sleeveless shirts, it is safer to wear shirts with sleeves. Tank tops, tube tops or camisoles do not classify as office formal clothing.

Men must ensure that their shirt matches the tie they pick.For women, the tops should perfectly fit. Ideally, the blouse should not gap between the buttons of the bust line.

3. Ties for Men

If you think you’re outfit is too dull, you compensate using your tie. It gives some extra color to your attire. However, make sure that the tie you pick matches your formal dress code.  You may choose a solid color. Do not use ties with more than three colors on them. The tie you wear should go with your entire outfit.

4. Dress for Women

A formal dress will make women look elegant on any formal occasion. However, make sure to go for dresses that are either knee-length or longer. Use subtle prints or solid colors. Avoid dresses that are revealing or too tight.

5. Shoes

Brown Formal Shoes Can Also Fit your Attire
For men, formal shoes are always the way to go. The conventional style being lace-up, slip-on loafers that can classify as formal may also be used. It is better to stick to black. However, brown shoes can also be worn if it suits your outfit. For women, formal wear goes best with low or moderate high heel shoes. Flat pumps are also a good choice. Even though women have a wide range of colors to pick from, when it comes to formal occasions, black or other neutral colors are most appropriate.

Ensure that you are wearing a dark colored pair of socks, like black. Do not wear white socks along with your formal attire. For women, it is ideal to wear pantyhose or tights, in case they are wearing a skirt.

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6. Accessories with Office Attire

Accessories with office attire should be chosen carefully

Make sure not to use too many accessories. Women can use subtle jewelry. Men can use cufflinks, watch and a pocket square to keep it classy.

Women can wear jewelry including rings, necklace, watches, earrings and bracelet as long as these are not oversized.  They can also use scarves, belts, headbands and other hair accessories.

Make sure you follow these tips and no matter where you go, you will be the center of attraction. Add some fashion to your daily life. Carry yourself well and always be at your best.

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