How necklines will affect your body type and face structure

When we go for shopping for a dress, we usually see the style, colors, cuts and fabric of the dress. There are times when we forget to pay attention to the necklines. Isn’t it that we do not realize the importance of a perfect neckline that enhances the beauty of a dress? Neckline is one of the most distinguishing features of clothing and very important factor to look great in any dress.

It is important that you look for the right styles of necklines that will not only emphasize your best assets but will also hide your problem areas. Necklines are available in many shapes and array of curves and angels. A flattering neckline can create an illusion, emphasize your best features, hide not only your body flaws but facial structures as well and make you appear great in your dream dress. Here I am describing few popular necklines and its importance and effects with your body type and facial structure.

Scoop Neck

Scoop neck is shaped like a U shape, usually low cut line and little drop from normal necklines.

The Most suitable for –

1. Facial structure

If you have a wide face structure, this neckline will suit you. It also makes a short neck appear longer.

2. Body Shape

Scoop neck dresses flatter most of the women; especially complement very nicely pear shaped girls as the neck draws the attention towards the upper body. Scoop style also work for hourglass ladies. Women with small bust can get the illusion of a larger chest by wearing scoop neck style dresses or tops.

This neckline should be avoided by flat chested women.


As its name implies – the neckline has two line and form a ‘V’ shape at centre front. The neck depth depends totally upon wearer and her choice.

The most suitable for –

1. Facial structure

Those women who have wide jaws or square-shaped facial structures, it is good if they wear v- neckline dresses. This is also look great women with round faces. Long face women should avoid this neckline.

2. Body Shape

The most flattering neckline for any body type, if you are apple shape or have heavy mid section, V- shaped Basque will help to minimize and create the illusion of a smaller midsection and make you appear taller and leaner.

If you have medium-sized chest and you want to show some cleavage then this is the ideal style for you. This neckline is also great for the women who have broad shoulders or short neck; its V shape makes the shoulder appearance narrow by drawing the eye attention to centre.

If you have small bust, you can avoid this neckline as it will emphasize on your chest area.

Jewel Neck

Commonly used for T-shirts and closely look like crew neck, jewel neckline is fitted and a plain, slightly rounded collarless neckline and often touches the base of the neck.

The most suitable for

1. Facial Structure

If you have a double chin, don’t go for dresses that have a jewel neckline as it only draws attention to double chin, which you definitely do not want.

2. Body Types

It is flattering style for flat chested women. It creates a bustier image for small chested women.

Jewel neck should be avoided by women who have short necks as this neck style will make them appear shorter. Ladies with large breasts should also not try as it will over emphasize your bust area.

Bateau Neck

Sometimes known as a Sabrina neck, the horizontal line of this neck passes from shoulder to shoulder.

The most suitable for –

1. Facial structure

Women with long faces are advised to wear this kind of necklines. It will help cut the length of the facial structure. Boat neck is not flattering for the women who have square-shaped facial structures or wide jaws.

2. Body Types

Looks good on pear shaped women as it creates a balance with their wide hips. This neck style also flatters the women who have narrow shoulders by making them wider. Also suits to women who have thin and long neck by making them shorter.

Apple shaped women should avoid boat neckline dresses as it will make your naturally broad shoulders appear wider and throw off your balance.

Turtle Neck

This tight fitting, high collar is very contemporary style and can be don with sweaters or can also be worn alone.

The most suitable for –

1. Facial Structure

This looks great on oval shaped and long face structures but not a good option for round shaped or double chin ladies as it tends to make them look heavier.

2. Body Types

Women with short torso look great on turtle neck as it lengthens the torso and makes you appear taller.

A high neckline will hide any upper body definition. If you have large breasts, don’t go for this style. If you are heavy on bottom, avoid turtle neck as it will narrow your shoulders and make your hips and waist appear larger. Short necked women should also avoid this neckline.

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