Give a Try This New Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection?

It has just been leaked that a new collection of makeup is in the line for Too Faced- the new Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection. It hasn’t yet been announced by Too Faced, but apparently, it consists of a new eyeshadow palette, a face powder and another Lip Injection lip gloss! We love the Lip Injection lip glosses, another one is always welcome!

Too Faced make some seriously fun makeup and the Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection looks like no exception! Usually, they get their makeup right, but every so often it’s a little distasteful. Not familiar with what I’m talking about? Check out their Too Faced Lady Balls Lipstick! They certainly have a variety of names, from Lady Balls to Teddy Bare- quite the extremes. Anyhows, I’m happy they got the name right this time!

Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection

As already said, so far the products we know that are included in this collection are the eyeshadow palette, the face powder and a lip gloss. It could be there will be more products, we’ll just have to wait and see!

At first glance, the Teddy Bare collection is totally adorable! The packaging is matte rose/gold with the cutest embossed teddy on it. The teddy has the Too faced logo in the middle which is a cute place for it to go! I guess it’s called Teddy Bare and not Bear because the shades in the collection are all neutral and bare!

The eyeshadow palette comes with 14 neutral pinkish shades. It comes with 4 shimmers and the rest are mattes. My initial reaction to the palette was that the shades are not really original. I feel like we’ve seen a lot of these shades before from Too Faced. I see quite a bit of the Born This Way eyeshadow palette in it, as well as an overlap of shades with some of the Too Faced other palettes. So in terms of originality, I don’t think it gets any points, but the general feel to the palette is cute and useful if these are colours that you love in a palette.

This palette has 2 shades that are double panned shades. I like the idea of making 2 useful shades a double pan size because let’s be real, we all have palettes which have some pans not touched and others that we love, finished!

The colour story of the palette is a warm-toned eyeshadow palette, with lots of pinks as well as some darker mauve shades. There are loads of looks you can create with this eyeshadow palette, and it can definitely be used for every day as well as for special occasions.

Even though it’s not the most original eyeshadow palette out there in terms of its colours, it’s a cute and useful palette! If you love pink eyeshadow palettes you will love this one too!

Too Faced products are somewhere in the middle when it comes to the price. if however, you’re looking for a palette that’s more budget-friendly, check out my review on the best eyeshadow palette dupes. We’ve covered every colour combination as well as every budget!

The Teddy Bare Face Powder a has similar packaging to the eyeshadow palette, with the exception of the embossed teddy taking up the whole packaging. The treat with the powder is that the actual powder also has the cute embossment on it. It makes it almost too cute to use!

Teddy Bare Face Powder

The powder is a shimmery pink colour, it looks more like a highlighter than a face powder but I guess we need to wait and see to find out what exactly it is. Either way it’s looks like a must-have!

Lastly, we have the Lip Injection Lip Gloss. From the packaging alone, it looks like it’s an addition to the Lip Injection Extreme Lip Glosses. It’s unclear if it’s a new shade or one which they’ve already brought out.

Either way, I’m sure the quality is just as great. Here’s what you can expect- fuller and poutier lips, nourished lips and you can use it with any of your favourite lipsticks and lip liners. It will simply add shine and plumpness to your lips. You’ll know it’s doing its job because your lips will tingle after you’ve applied it!

My Thoughts

We still don’t know much about the Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection aside from the few images that have been released. It looks like a fun collection, that can be used for all occasions and ages! Check out some of our other Too Faced reviews here!

I’ll keep this post updated as updates on the collection are released! But, for now, let me know your thoughts on it, are you excited about this release or is it too boring for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection will be available at Too Faced

Hollie xx

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