Get Your Body Summer Ready With The New Fenty Beauty Body Sauce

Rihanna is known for her base products, from her foundations to body lava, they’re all pretty epic! Fenty Beauty is a relatively new brand in the beauty industry that rose to the top of the game pretty quickly, and that’s not for nothing. The products are impressive and really great quality and it’s become a brand you can trust. Rihanna’s latest release is a body tint designed to give your body the ultimate glow this summer. Fenty Beauty Body Sauce is going to be available from March 5th, just in time to get your body summer ready! Now, all we need is for these lockdowns to end so that we can actually make it to the beach and parks:)

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce

Rihanna has been teasing her Instagram followers with different videos of sauces before finally announcing her new body sauce. Rumour has it that Rihanna’s been wearing it for quite some time now, if you’ve seen recent photos of her you’ll see she has an extra glow to her. Well, there’s no better way to sell your products than to show off how fabulous they are on your own body!

The Fenty Beauty Body Sauce is, you guessed it- for the body! It comes in 7 fabulous shades designed to give you the perfect glowing coverage. It’s a lightweight tint with a gel-cream consistency. It gives a sheer to medium coverage and is buildable giving you the option of lighter or heavier coverage. It doesn’t only give your skin a fantastic glow, that would be too simple of a product, it also blurs imperfections and blemishes giving you a beautiful canvas. The 7 shades are universal and Fenty Beauty claim they will suit all skin tones. I’m just hoping they have a light enough one for my pale skin! This is not a product I want to pass on. The trick with the right shade range is that the colours aren’t too red, nor too orange, which is something that many brands struggle to get right. That being said, I have high hopes for the Fenty Beauty Body Sauce!

body sauce

With an impressive ingredient list, the Body Sauce boasts Babassu Oil and Vitamin E which help to nourish the skin and give it a subtle glow. The Body Sauce is transfer-proof, sweat-resistant and humidity proof, making it the perfect body tint for summer days lounging by the beach when you’re bound to get hot and sweaty. You also don’t need to worry about it staining your clothes- get your white dress out because it doesn’t transfer!

Applying the Body Sauce is straightforward and easy, apply it to clean and dry skin for the best results. Fenty Beauty recommends applying it with a brush and letting it sit for a couple of minutes to dry before getting on with your day. It literally melts into the skin and lasts all day.


fenty beauty body sauce swatches


My Thoughts on Fenty Beauty Body Sauce

Who doesn’t like some extra colour and glow during the summer? I know I do, especially after these cold winter months locked indoors, I could certainly do with some sun-kissed healthy-looking skin!

I love everything about the Body Sauce, but my least favourite part has got to be the name. Did they have to pick the word sauce?! They couldn’t have found anything better?! Sauce just makes me think of the gravy that I make with my Sunday roast. In the big picture, this doesn’t make a difference to the actual product, but it’s definitely an interesting choice of words!

Aside from the interesting name, the Body Sauce is an impressive body tint that may just be the product you need this summer! Easy to use, lightweight to wear it’s everything your skin needs this summer for a beautiful glow.

What are your thoughts on the Body Sauce? Let me know in the comments below.

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce can be bought from Harvey Nichols

Images: Fenty Beauty

Hollie xx

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