18 Best Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year all not, one thing we all need is a little more love! These Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas will add some love into your life with their delightful designs! We’ve included nails for every taste, budget and skill level. From fun to elegant and romantic, we’ve got you covered!

1. Pastel Heart Nails

Pastel Heart Nail Ideas


Pastel colours always give me a warm Spring feel and honestly, I could do with some of that now. This freezing winter doesn’t seem to have any end in sight! Bring on some light, love and Spring in the air with these pastel colours. Check out these pink eyeshadow ideas to match your nails!

2. Abstract Heart Nails

Abstract Hearts Scattered Nail Ideas
Love heart and red, but want to display them in an understated way? Check out these cute abstract nails, they have the hearts, the have the red- they’re Valentine’s ready! They’re also easy and fun to recreate because you can’t really go wrong with them.


3. Monochrome Nails

Monochrome Nails Nail Art Inspiration


4. Valentine’s Crossword Nails

Valentines Crossword Nails Nail Art Inspiration


Add some extra spunk to your nails and turn them into a crossword puzzle! If you’re feeling extra creative, you can continue the crossword on all your nails. If lockdowns given you extra free time on your hands, this is an excellent way to pass the time, and it’s fun too!

5. Black and Gold Heart Nails

Gold Hearts on Black Nails Nail Art

Black and gold have always been one of the most elegant colour combinations. You can have your cake and eat it with these nails, they’re elegant with a hint of Valentine’s Day too! The overall feel is romantic and hot!

6. Pink Love Nails

Pink Love Nails Idea


Worried that people aren’t taking Valentine’s Day as seriously as the should? These nails will remind them of that! With love and hearts featured on the nails, it’s kinda hard to miss it!

7. Kisses Nails

Kisses Nails Idea

Keep it simple with these attractive nails that have a subtle pastel design on them. These nails may not have Valentine’s colouring, but the lips give it away! Use glittery polish to give it a more unique feeling!

8. Matte Heart Embossed Nails

Matte Heart Embossed Nails Idea

Matte nails have become quite the trend in recent times, and it’s easy to see why! They are classy and less heavy on the eye. Turn it up a notch by adding an emboss to seal the deal, and there’s no more fitting emboss than hearts for Valentines Day!

9. Chrome Valentine’s Nails

Chrome Valentine's Nails


Still not over the festive spirits? We get that and you don’t need to be! Simply bring the festive sparkle with you and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the extra shimmer. These chrome nails are totally gorgeous and will be serious head-turners!

10. Cupcake Sprinkles Nails

Cupcake Sprinkles Nails Art Design

Keep it fun and light with these cupcake sprinkle nails that definitely get my mouth-watering. I could do with some cupcakes now, but I don’t think my waistline will thank me!

11. Cut-Out Heart Nails

Cut Out Heart Nails Art Inspiration

Innovative and fun, these cut-out nails take originality to a new level. You can achieve this nail look with your own nails, but small tip- stick to false nails for this one! Just imagining doing this to my nails gives me the shivers!

12. Feeling Pink Nails

Feeling Pink Nails Art Design Inspiration

What’s Valentine’s Day without pink nails in all shades and finishes? Mix it up a bit and try out different shades and finishes to create a wow look! Don’t forget to add those hearts on!

13. Strawberry Milk Nails

Strawberry Milk Nails

Ditch the hearts and sport your favourite pattern in its place. The cow pattern that these nails are featuring is cute and fun, call it strawberry milk and it sounds delicious too!

14. Kitchy Valentine’s Nails

Kitchy Valentines Nails Art Idea


Feeling the need for that extra love? These nails will give you that! With an overload of hearts and kisses, you won’t forget anytime soon that it’s the season of love! The sky’s the limit with these nails, be creative and mix it up a little!


15. Elegant Grey Love Nails

Elegant Grey and Red Nails

These grey matte nails are stunning and worth showing off! Pink and red nails aren’t for everyone, with these stunners you still get the Valentine vibe without all the sparkle and pink that often comes with it!

16. Valentine’s French Nail

Valentines French Nail Art Design

This nail design has a fun twist to the classic french nail! It’s subtle and not out there in your face, but no-one can accuse you of not taking Valentine’s Day seriously!

17. Perfect Heart Nails

Perfect Heart Nails

If you don’t do things small, then check out this giant heart spanned out over 2 nails! It’s got everything you need for Valentine’s nail look, from the pinks to red to heart and shimmers! Plus, it’s totally stunning!

18. Princess Pink Nails

Princess Pink Nails Art

Become a princess this Valentine’s Day with these gorgeous pink nails. Customise it to suit your taste with extra sparkle or hearts as you desire!

My Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but who says it can’t be self-love? This Valentine’s Day give yourself the gift of self-love and spend some extra time spoiling yourself. Be it with buying false nails or with trying out different Valentine’s Day nail ideas and testing your creativity. It’s the perfect activity to keep yourself busy with during these dull Covid-filled days!

Which of these Valentine’s Day nail ideas are your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below!

Hollie xx

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